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What Our Clients Think

Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about Khalaf Law, PLLC:

01. “He Has Been The Best Lawyer.”

“I hired Ahmad as my representative for my hit and run case. He has been the best lawyer I known or have heard from. He was on top of my case that I never had timing issue with him. He even pushed me through the process that sometime I was almost want to give up because of family matters. I earn a good amount from my case thanks to Ahmad.” – Yen

02. “It Was A Very Positive Experience & I Would Recommend Khalaf Law’s Services Any Time.”

“I have hired Khalaf Law to represent me in a car accident injury. I am very impressed with the professionalism, excellent communication and the most detailed follow up emails from Ahmad Khalaf. It took almost 2 years, and during the pandemic hard times, but I’m very happy with the outcome of my case. I appreciate very much your hard work. It was a very positive experience and would recommend Khalaf Law services any time. Thank you, Ahmad!” – Danuta M.

03. “The Best Personal Injury Attorney.”

The Best Personal Injury Attorney- “Mr. Khalaf is a highly competent and thorough Attorney who always kept my best interests in mind. Not only is he professional, he is trustworthy, confidential, and friendly and always took my calls. He diminished my stressors by dealing directly with doctors and auto insurance adjusters. Mr. Khalaf worked hard and made sure I received a fair settlement. I would hire him again without question!” – Crystal

04. “Great Attorney”

Great Attorney-“ I had a few car accidents and Ahmad took care of it in the timely manner. He share all the information what I needs to know and what he’s going to do. Always advices me what he will going to do with my cases and asked my permission. I am grateful that Ahmad represents me and took care of both my cases. My first accident was few years older and I had an attorney that doesn’t do his job in a timely manner and I moved this case to Ahmad before the statue of limitation, he jumped on it and start working on it and settled it in less than four months. I highly recomanded Ahmad if you need an attoney that cares for you and your cases. Thank you Ahmad for your exceptional hard work to take care of my cases.” – Amha

05. “Mr. Khalaf Is The Best Top-Notch Attorney.”

Mr. Khalaf is Best Top-Notch Attorney- “I initially hired Mr. Khalaf to represent me on a personal injury case and am so glad that I did!! He always explained everything clearly, always got back to me when I need something, helped me understand all my options, and worked hard to get me a realllly good settlement! Some family stuff came up also latee and I found out Mr. Khalaf does estate planning. I hired him to help me draft up a will and knocked that out! Its been really great working with Mr. Khalaf and he really helped with all my legal pains. If you’ve been injuried in an accident or if you need a will, trust me… your in good hands with Mr. Khalaf! Thank you” – Amy

06. “[Ahmad] Got Me A Settlement That I Deserved & Was Entitled To!”

“I was injured in a rear end accident where I was the passenger, and the insurance company wasn’t taking me or my injuries seriously. The insurance company kept trying to push me to settle, and I was still treating. After a friend recommended I talk to Ahmad, I called him and I’m so glad I did! Ahmad got right to work and let me focus on getting better and he walked me through every thing, step by step and he always was quick to respond and answer my questions. Professional and responsibal interaction, Ahmad got me a recovery that was 12 times more than the insurance company had initially offered me! I’m so glad I hired Ahmad. He got me a settlement that I deserved and was entitled to! So if you’re reading this, take note! I almost feel like this accident made me better LOL!! But seriously, Ahmad, thank you for being my advocate, lawyer, and friend. Take care my friend.” – Ryan

07. “Very Attentive.”

Very Attentive. “It was a pleasure having Ahmad as my lawyer. I got into an accident, and the insurance company offered me a settlement. Friends and family told to me get a lawyer. I was referred to Ahmad. He always kept me updated on the case and was always there to answer any questions. He was able to settle for more than what the insurance offered me and took care of everything that needed to be done.” – John

08. “Ahmad Did An Excellent Job With My Case.”

Very Attentive.” Ahmad did an excellent job with my case. Was quick to adapt and pick up a case long overdue for proper action. He was a pleasure to work because of his willingness to adjust to my hectic work schedule. He takes it personal when working on your case. In my eyes that’s the best quality in a lawyer. I highly recommend Ahmad for you legal needs.” – David

09. “A Real Foot Soldier of the Constitution.”

A Real Foot soldier of the Constitution. “Mr. Khalaf is truly an amazing lawyer, even though he is new. There is a certain comfort a person feels around Mr. Khalaf, his knowledge and ability to articulate himself creates a level of calmness that I really don’t know how to explain. He brought me into his office, he explained to me every rule I needed to know and some I didn’t; just to make sure I had the whole picture. He found every point no matter where it was hiding, and brought it to the table and discussed it with me. One of the greatest things about him is he doesn’t give up, during my case he ran into so many walls; and like a real warrior just continued to move forward no matter what the obstacle. He always would contact me, never once did I feel like I was being ignored or he was slacking on my case. I have recommended him to family and friends, and will continue to do so. People always hope they don’t need a lawyers services, although if you do, you should call him; because he is good at what he does.” – Hassib

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